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District 3 Community Council: October D3CC Meeting in a Newsletter


October 12, 2020
Newsletter Meeting
No meeting, but the Pioneer Veterans Hall will be open for anyone who wants to talk to me from 5-7 pm on October 12, 2020

Welcome again, I hope everyone is safe, secure and healthy. 
On Tuesday Oct 13th , the Amador County Board of Supervisors will be revisiting, and voting a second time on the “Livestock Management on Parcels Less Than Five Acres in Size” ordinance. This ordinance has already been before the Board and approved by a three to two vote. It should have been assigned to the consent agenda this meeting and finalized. Instead I pulled it from the consent agenda and put it on back the regular agenda due to so many people calling and e-mailing the Supervisors. People had complained that this ordinance had been rushed through the process or the Board was putting nail in the coffin of agriculture in Amador County. The ordinance has taken 2 years to come to this point. It has gone through multiple committees and then onto the Planning Commission. I view this ordinance as a base line not a nail. Even a few blamed people moving here from the city and complaining. This is partially true, but the flip side of the coin is people who were not allowed to have animals in the city and have moved here, then went overboard.
Please review the ordinance on the County website under agendas or go the D3CC website main page. The ordinance has numerous allowances for 4-H, FFA, Grange and other youth-oriented projects. As I have e-mailed and talked with people, I ask what is one less than too many. Please understand I know and understand Amador County is primarily and agricultural County. Even the State backs that up with CALIFORNIA CIVIL CODE § 3482.5, “THE RIGHT TO FARM ACT” California Agricultural Protection Act.
If you would like to talk to me, you can call me 209-223-6493 or come by the Pioneer Veterans Hall between 5-7pm on Oct 12th.

Our regular speakers have sent us their information to keep you informed.

Covid-19 Tier Status Orange
Laboratory Confirmed Cases: 267
  Jackson:                                                            115
  Ione & surrounding unincorporated areas:         57
  Pine Grove:                                                        23
  Pioneer:                                                              22
  Plymouth & surrounding unincorporated areas: 16
  Sutter Creek & Amador City:                               28
  Volcano:                                                               6
 Male:               116
 Female:           151
 0-17 years old:    10
 18-49 years old:  87
 50-64 years old:  77
 65 years & older: 95
 Currently Hospitalized Cases:  0
Total Hospitalized to Date:         31
 Total Active Cases: 8
 Recovered Cases: 244
 Deaths: 15
 Test Results Received: 9600

Amador Fire Protection District:
STATION 111 – 112 Call for Jul-Aug 2020
113 - Cooking fire, confined to container                                1
141 - Forest, woods or wildland fire                                        1
321 - EMS call, excluding vehicle accident with injury            35
322 - Motor vehicle accident with injuries                                 4
324 - Motor vehicle accident with no injuries.                           1
400 - Hazardous condition, other                                              1
511 - Lock-out                                                                           1
541 - Animal problem                                                                1
554 - Assist invalid                                                                    4
611 - Dispatched & cancelled en route                                    10
622 - No incident found on arrival at dispatch address             1
671 - HazMat release investigation w/no HazMat                      1
700 - False alarm or false call, other                                        1
733 - Smoke detector activation due to malfunction                 1
736 - CO detector activation due to malfunction                       1
745 - Alarm system activation, no fire – unintentional               1
AFPD continues to share their personnel with the state mutual aid program and assist with fires outside of the county. AFPD continues to ensure our local stations are properly staffed.

Amador County Sheriff

For September:
20 - disturbance calls
3 - thefts
1- vandalism
1 - trespassing
13 - carstops
10 - alarms
24 - suspicious circumstance calls
Undersheriff Redman wants to remind everyone we have an online reporting tool.  Visit our website at and click the box titled "Crime Reporting Tool" on the top right corner.


                  Rich Farrington - AWA REPORT
The Customer Service Desk and lobby are closed until further notice for the protection of the public and our employees.
WATER TANKS -- Two redwood water tanks Upcountry are nearly complete under a 75% Cal OES/FEMA grant. Aging tanks are an issue as three metal tanks have been shut down Upcountry over the past 2 year’s due to rust. A contract to replace 2 more old tanks that are at the core of the Upcountry water system is scheduled for this month. This will be funded partly by grant and partly by long term loan.
Pioneer Water Main Replacement – 1.5 miles of old water main and 11 new fire hydrants are nearly complete on Buckhorn Ridge Road. Construction is funded by a 100% Federal Community Development Block Grant to AWA through Amador County. The project will improve water quality, pressure and fire protection. 
Master Water Plan – A draft of an evaluation of the condition of all AWA water facilities and the priority for rehabilitating them is expected in November.
Water Service Rate Study – AWA’s consultant has begun to review the cost of providing water and sewer services including fees for new development. With inflation and the aging of many systems requiring more maintenance, replacement is an increasing need to control costs. Public workshops will be held to share information as it is developed. 
WATER RIGHT PROTECTION – The State Water Board has rescheduled a hearing to this month on AWA’s proposal to add water rights including increased storage of water in Lower Bear River Reservoir.
QUESTIONS ABOUT WATER? – If you have any issues about water or wastewater, please call the office at 223-3018 so they can create a work order. This is the 24/7 emergency number. A work order will give us a way to track the resolution of the issue. You can also send a message to AWA’s customer service at

Board of Supervisors meeting Tuesday, October 13, 2020

5.a. Update by the Amador County Registrar of Voters, Kimberly L Grady, regarding the ongoing election and measures being taken to ensure a complete and accurate ballot count that reflects the intent of the voters. Any questions or concerns that the Board or public might have can be aired and addressed at this time. Suggested Action: This is for information only
5.b. Update by the Amador County Health Officer, Dr. Rita Kerr on the COVID-19 situation and the progress on the road to reopening Amador County Suggested Action: Direction to staff as desired, if any.
5.c. Community Development Agency: Discussion and possible action relative to reconsideration of an Ordinance Amending Title 19 of the Amador County Code by Repealing Section 19.48.060, “Private Stables.” and Replacing it with Section 19.48.060, “Livestock Management on Parcels Less Than Five Acres in Size.” *Ordinance was originally heard and adopted by a 3/2 vote on September 22, 2020* Suggested Action: Pleasure of the Board.
5.d. General Services Administration: Discussion and possible action relative to California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) Rule 20A-P.G.&E. Credits. Amador County has credits to place utilities underground, but these credits can be sold and the funds utilized for other county needs, such as Public Works projects or investment. Suggested Action: Discussion and possible action.
5.e. Presentation of 2019 Amador County Crop Report by Agriculture Commissioner, Eric Mayberry Suggested Action: Acceptance of Report
5.f. Continued discussion and possible action relative to a request from Senator Feinstein for a letter from the Board in support of the Emergency Wildfire and Public Safety Act. As(AGENDA) (October 13, 2020) requested by the BOS previously, John and Anne Heissenbuttel will weigh in with their thoughts on the issue. Their draft letter and analysis has been added to this item. Suggested Action: Pleasure of the Board
5.g. Request for Approval of Short Sale regarding County First-Time Homebuyer Loan Suggested Action: Discussion and possible action regarding request for approval of short sale regarding County First-Time Homebuyer Loan 5.h. Minutes: Review and possible approval of the September 22, 2020 Regular Meeting Minutes. Suggested Action: Approval
6. PUBLIC HEARING: **10:30 A.M.**
6.a. Surveying Dept.-Arnold J. Balthazar and Tammy Balthazar-Public Hearing for a Certificate of Merger and abandonment of a 10' wide public utility easement. The abandonment of the ten foot (10') wide public utility easement lies between Lots 6-291 and 6-304 and the Certificate of Merger consists of merging Lots 6-291 and 6-304 in Lake Camanche Village Subdivision Unit No. 6. The property is located between Zumi Court and Yuma Court in Lake Camanche Village Subdivision Unit No. 6, recorded in Book 3 of Subdivisions at Page 53, Records of Amador County. Assessor Parcel No.'s 003-772-026 and 003-761-008. Suggested Action: Adopt the resolutions approving the abandonment of the public utility easement and the approval of the Certificate of Merger.

Amador County Public Works
No report due to Covid illnesses in Public Works

Highway Safety
Congratulations and farewell to CHP Lieutenant Todd Brown, as he promotes to Captain. Captain Todd Brown will be reporting to the Capitol Protection Office, in Sacramento.

Our next Meeting is scheduled for Nov 9th, 2020
  Yes, we will have an in person meeting as long as we stay in the orange tier.
I will open the Pioneer Veterans Hall for anyone who wants to talk to me from 5 – 7pm on Oct 12th.
Please feel free to reach out to me at or 209-223-6493. Your opinions and views are important. If you need to contact me or recommend something, please email me at
Thank You and be safe
Jeff Brown
D3CC Chairperson
Amador County Supervisor, District 3
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