Thursday, October 1, 2020

City of Sutter Creek News & Updates


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October 1, 2020
Feels like Fall in Historic Sutter Creek!
It is never too early to plan for Spring!
The City of Sutter Creek is adding 15,000 daffodil bulbs this year!

If you or your group would like be a part of the
Daffodil Planting Project
contact Kristina Hodge for more details at:
Work has begun to update the City’s wastewater treatment plant. (WWTP)
The City owns and operates the City of Sutter Creek WWTP, which treats approximately 0.48 million gallons of domestic sewage from the cities of Sutter Creek and Amador City and the Amador County Service Area #4 (which generally comprises the community of Martell). Secondary effluent produced by the WWTP is currently discharged to the Amador Regional Sanitation Authority (ARSA) system for storage and reuse/disposal. The ARSA system is a series of pipelines, storage reservoirs, stock troughs, and land application sites in Amador County, southwest of the WWTP.

The City of Ione currently has an agreement with ARSA to accept effluent from the ARSA system, for tertiary treatment and disposal at Castle Oaks Golf Course. In 2017, the City of Ione submitted a five-year termination notice of this agreement; thus, ARSA will no longer have adequate effluent disposal capacity for the City of Sutter Creek’s effluent disposal needs. As a result, the City of Sutter Creek must implement a new approach for wastewater disposal by July 2022.
The City (and ARSA) believe that the replacement of the existing Sutter Creek WWTP with a new tertiary treatment plant (with discharge to Sutter Creek year-round or on a seasonal basis) is the most feasible option. As such, the City is initiating efforts towards implementation of this option.
This is an exciting time for the City, stay tuned for more details to come.
City of Sutter Creek | 18 Main StreetSutter Creek, CA 95685

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