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District 3 Community Council: September 14, 2020 Newsletter Meeting

Sep 14th 2020
Newsletter Meeting

Welcome again, I hope everyone is safe, secure and healthy. 

Our regular speakers have sent us their information to keep you informed.

Caltrans announced a full closure of U.S. Highway 50 for the Echo Summit Sidehill Viaduct Replacement Project is scheduled for two weeks beginning Friday, Sept. 18. The closure is required to install seven 96-foot bridge girders and associated work. There will be one-way traffic control 24/7 scheduled to begin Sunday, Sept. 13 until Friday, Sept. 18 to demolish the existing bridge before installing the girders. The full closure of Highway 50 is set to start Friday, Sept. 18 and expected to conclude on Friday, Oct. 2. Weather or other unexpected delays may prolong the closure. This $14.1 million project includes $5.2 million in funding from Senate Bill 1, the Road Repair and Accountability Act of 2017. The Echo Summit project is replacing the existing bridge, which was built in 1939, with a new structure that meets current seismic and safety standards. Construction started in May 2019.

Laboratory Confirmed Cases: 245
Jackson: 108
  Ione & surrounding unincorporated areas:  51
  Pine Grove: 22
  Pioneer:  19
  Plymouth & surrounding unincorporated areas:  14
  Sutter Creek & Amador City:    25
  Volcano:  6
 Male:               104
 Female:           141
 0-17 years old:      8
 18-49 years old:  80
 50-64 years old:  68
 65 years & older: 89
 Currently Hospitalized Cases:  1
Total Hospitalized to Date:         31
 Total Active Cases: 6
 Recovered Cases: 224
 Deaths: 15
 Test Results Received: 7000

Amador Fire Protection District:
STATION 111 – 112 Call for Jul-Aug 2020

111 - Building fire                                                                                1
140 - Natural vegetation fire, other                                                     3
143 - Grass fire                                                                                   1
300 - Rescue, EMS incident, other                                                     1
321 - EMS call, excluding vehicle accident with injury                       90
322 - Motor vehicle accident with injuries                                            7
324 - Motor vehicle accident with no injuries.                                      2
400 - Hazardous condition, other                                                         1
412 - Gas leak (natural gas or LPG)                                                    1
444 - Power line down                                                                          1
500 - Service Call, other                                                                       1
511 - Lock-out                                                                                       1
550 - Public service assistance, other                                                   2
554 - Assist invalid                                                                               14
611 - Dispatched & cancelled en route                                                14
622 - No incident found on arrival at dispatch address                         2
651 - Smoke scare, odor of smoke                                                       4
700 - False alarm or false call, other                                                    1
Due to our state of emergency and much need for fire personnel, Chief White and BC Yelinek have been deployed to the North Complex Fire. BC Watkins is acting Chief until BC Hamre comes on. They will rotate in Chief White's absence.
Fork Fire – Nearest Fire to Amador
Crews: 4 Helicopters: 2 Engines: 12 Dozers: 2 Water Tenders: 6
Highlights: Crews have made excellent progress securing containment line on the eastern edge of the fire to secure the Airport Flat area. Pockets of heat inside the containment lines and standing dead trees, also known as snags, still pose safety issues for firefighters.
Operations: Crews worked on extinguishing hot spots along the east side of the fire to secure areas closest to values at risk. Contingency line (fire line constructed away from the fire’s edge in case of extreme fire activity) was completed along Little Deer Creek to the north of the fire. As visibility allowed during the day, aircraft dropping water supported firefighting efforts along the eastern half of the fire. On the southwest portion of the fire, professional falling teams began removing hazardous trees to allow crews safer access. The line now extends one half mile down the ridge near South Creek and the South Fork of the Rubicon River.
Weather: The forecast for today remains similar to yesterday, and critical fire weather by the afternoon seems likely. Southwest winds at 10-15 mph are expected to increase over the ridges and through the Rubicon River drainage. Warm and dry conditions with poor humidity recovery will continue, leading to possible critical fire weather through Monday evening, when conditions are expected to cool slightly, bringing higher humidity to the fire area.  
Community Meeting: A virtual community meeting yesterday evening attracted over 270 participants viewing the live video. Recording of the meeting is available at No account is required to view the video. The next virtual community meeting will be held tonight at 6 p.m. on the Eldorado National Forest’s Facebook page. We will monitor online Facebook questions during the meeting, or you can email your questions in advance to A recording will be posted immediately following the live meeting.
Closures: No current evacuation orders are in place for the fire, although the Eldorado National Forest is still closed as part of a regional temporary emergency closure. Further information about this closure order can be found at A fire closure order for the fire area is expected soon. A TFR (temporary flight restriction) is in place over the fire area.

Amador County Sheriff

For July and August:
61 Disturbance calls
9 Theft calls
3 Vandalism calls                                                                                     
11 Carstops
1 Fire call
3 Scam calls
18 Alarm responses
49 Suspicious cars, persons, circumstances
42 Welfare checks
We have seen an increase of scam related calls with a lot being through emails.  Please remind everyone not to give out personal information, reset passwords or click on links without verification.  Undersheriff Redman received a scam email from Paypal on his personal email account.  By looking at what they are asking for and the extension of the email which does not end in .com, .org, etc you can quickly tell these are bogus and delete.  Also, be prepared to evacuate as fire season seems to peak this time of year.  Stay safe.
Undersheriff Redman reminds everyone if their mailbox was hit, to report this to our office.  They can go to and report this on-line or call 223-6500 to make a report.  If they discover any suspicious activity on credit cards etc., please notify our office.

Rich Farrington - AWA REPORT
The Customer Service Desk and lobby are closed until further notice for the protection of the public and our employees.
WATER TANKS -- A contractor is replacing two redwood water tanks Upcountry under a 75% Cal OES/FEMA grant. Aging tanks are an issue as three metal tanks have been shut down Upcountry over the past 2 year’s due to rust. A contract will be awarded in November to replace 2 more old tanks that are at the core of the Upcountry water system.
PIONEER WATER MAIN REPLACEMENT – A contractor is replacing 1.5 miles of old water main and installing 11 new fire hydrants on Buckhorn Ridge Road. Construction is funded by a 100% Federal Community Development Block Grant to AWA through Amador County. The project will improve water quality, pressure and fire protection. 
MASTER WATER PLAN –An evaluation of the condition of all AWA water facilities and the priority for rehabilitating them is underway. The report is expected by December.
WATER SERVICE RATE STUDY – AWA’s consultant is beginning to analyze the cost of providing water and sewer services including fees for new development. It is expected to take place over the next 7 months. With inflation and the aging of many systems requiring more maintenance, replacement is an increasing need to control costs. The Agency is prohibited from charging more than the cost of service. Public workshops will be held to share information as it is developed. 
NEW GENERAL MANAGER – Larry McKenney is the new AWA General Manger. He has a strong background in water rights, watershed issues, and regional collaboration. He was the water rights lawyer for the Marine Corps when on active duty.
WATER RIGHT PROTECTION – The State Water Board has scheduled Sept. 29th to hear a proposal by the State Dept. of Water Resources to restrict the existing County water right to provide water to LA and the Delta. It is unfair the State is causing AWA customers to pay for attorneys and experts to protect our existing water rights.
QUESTIONS ABOUT WATER? – If you have any issues about water or wastewater, please call the office at 223-3018, the 24/7 emergency number, so they can create a work order. This will give us a way to track the resolution of the issue. You can also send a message to AWA’s customer service at

No Board of Supervisors meeting Tuesday
Next Board of Supervisors is September 22, 2020

Amador County Public Works
Bridge Repair                  Tyler Road
Slope Repair                   Defender Grade
Culvert Inlet Repair        Pioneer Creek
Brushing                          Tyler Road
Digouts                            Fiddletown Road

Highway Safety
Speeding in local neighborhoods is still a problem. We have more Kids and Adults walking along side roads more than ever right now. Set the pace by simply driving at the neighborhood speed limit during peak speeding times. This forces drivers behind you to travel at your safe, courteous pace. CHP Lt Brown (No Relations) also asks you to take a picture of any unsafe drivers and send it to them. The license plate needs to be readable.

Our next newsletter is scheduled for Oct 12th, 2020

Please feel free to reach out to me at or 209-223-6493. Your opinion and views on how the Supervisors, Amador County Health Officer and Emergency Operations Center are operating is important. If you need to contact me or recommend something, please email me at
Thank You and be safe
Jeff Brown
D3CC Chairperson
Amador County Supervisor, District 3
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