Friday, July 31, 2020

Mt. Zion Church - Fri July 31

Is there any book of the Bible that sparks as much controversy and confusion as the book of Revelation?
Some believers form strong dividing lines over different interpretations. Many Christians scratch their heads as they read through John’s illustrative visions. And others avoid reading Revelation altogether.
Perhaps you share the curiosity of other believers that ask, “Why did God have to end the Bible like that?” It’s a fair question.
What are we to make of this seemingly odd conclusion to God’s Great Book?
Through this series we will look at various themes in Revelation that every Christian can agree upon, and every Christian needs to know. And, I want to encourage you to read and value Revelation for yourself.
I would even suggest that the book of Revelation is one of the most important books in our Bibles.

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Returning to Church Plan

Below you will find the guidelines we will be following as return to public worship.

1. The service will continue to be streamed live every week on our website, YouTube and Facebook for those who do not feel safe returning to public worship and for our shut-in members.

2. Hand sanitizer will be readily available in multiple locations.

3. Everyone is encouraged to wear their own personal protective equipment (Mask) Mask are now mandatory for gathering groups. We will have mask for those who do not have their own.

4. The doors will be propped open to allow for “no contact” entry into the building.

5. Please do not gather and congregate by the doors. Please move to your seat or out of the building.

6. After the service please remain in your seat and wait to be ushered out. We will dismiss slowly and ask that when you are dismissed that you would promptly move to the exits. If you wish to talk with someone, please do so outside while maintaining adequate physical distancing.

7. Please refrain from greeting one another with handshakes or hugs.

8. The collection will be taken in offering stations that will be placed ion a table in back of the sanctuary and the church lobby.

9. For the time being, children’s church and nursery will not be available.

10. Please be patient as we move through these “Un-Charted Waters”.

During this difficult time, we would encourage you to prayerfully consider giving online so we can continue the work that God has for us. We use a very safe and secure service that will provide you with the best away to give your tithes and offerings online. Just click on the picture above. If you would prefer to give by mail, our address is P.O. Box 425 Pine Grove, CA 95665 and just make out your check to Mt. Zion Church. Thank you for your faithfulness!
We hope you will join us as we look to God's Word together!
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Thursday, July 30, 2020

AmadorArts: Deadline Extended for Poet Laureate Nominations

The deadline to submit nominations for Amador’s next Poet Laureate has been extended to Friday, August 14, 11:59 p.m.  For more information about the two-year honorary Poet Laureate volunteer position including the application process, visit


As established by AmadorArts, the position is meant to respect local outstanding poets, integrate poetry into the community, enrich the education of our young people, and enhance the County’s position as a cultural center.


With the deadline extended, now is the time to submit a nomination, and it may come from individuals or organizations within or outside the county. The poet must reside in Amador County, and poets may self-nominate. 


If going to the website isn’t convenient, contact AmadorArts at  Follow AmadorArts on Facebook or call 209-256-8166.  Mailing address is  P.O. Box 206, Sutter Creek, CA 95685.  Nomination packets may be mailed to the PO Box, postmarked by August 14, or emailed by midnight August 14 to the above email address.


Amador County Arts Council is an Equal Opportunity, Anti-Racist organization committed to the equitable representation of all cultures, specifically those that have been historically marginalized including Black, Indigenous, Hispanic, Disabled, Queer, Foster, Immigrant, Veteran, Returned Citizen, Recovery, and Isolated-Rural communities.


This activity is supported in-part by the California Arts Council, a state agency. Find out more are  If you want to ensure lifelong arts learning continues in our schools and community, click the Donate button at

PG&E Offers Ways to Keep Air Conditioning Costs Down this Summer

Tips to Save Energy while Staying Home More than Normal as Temperatures Rise

 The COVID-19 pandemic is causing customers to stay indoors more than normal during one of the hottest months of the year, which could drive up energy costs.

Air conditioning units are working around the clock to keep indoor temperatures cool and comfortable across parts of Northern and Central California. During the summer months, as much as half of residential energy usage goes to cooling the home. So, making smart decisions about the home's cooling system can have a big effect on energy bills.

“We know customers are spending more time at home and indoors which leads to increased energy usage. We’re reminding customers that small changes in their behavior during the summer will help reduce energy usage during this unprecedented time,” said Laurie Giammona, PG&E Senior Vice President and Chief Customer Officer.

Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E) encourages customers to consider five easy ways to lower AC costs and still stay cool indoors this summer.

  1. Add layers to windows
    Use shade coverings and awnings and the air conditioner won’t have to work as hard to cool the home.
  2. Replace filters as needed
    Dirty air filters make the air conditioner work harder to circulate the air. Clean and/or replace air filters monthly to improve energy efficiency and reduce.
  3. Close your shades in the summer
    Sunlight passing through windows heats the home and makes the air conditioner work harder. Customers can block this heat by keeping blinds or drapes closed on sunny days.
  4. Clear the area around AC unit
    The air conditioning unit will operate better if it has plenty of room to breathe. The air conditioners outdoor unit, the condenser, needs to be able to circulate air without any interruption or obstruction.
  5. Cool down with a fan
    Fans keep air circulating, allowing the thermostat to be raised several degrees and stay just as comfortable while reducing air conditioning costs. However, remember to turn them off when leaving the room. Fans move air, not cool it, so they waste energy if left on when no one is at home or work.

*Savings amounts are illustrative only. Actual savings will vary.

Customers looking to make energy improvement updates to their home or do maintenance on their air conditioning system are encouraged to learn more about the Comfortable Home Rebates Program. The program connects customers to rebates and helps them stay comfortable by keeping their air conditioner in top shape for the summer.

PG&E also funds the operation of existing county- or city-run cooling centers throughout the state. These centers help fill a critical need for those who might not have the financial means to cool and shelter themselves from very hot and prolonged temperatures.

To find a Cooling Center near you, please call your local city or county government, or call PG&E’s toll-free Cooling Center locator line at 1-877-474-3266 or visit

For more tips on how to save energy this summer, visit

Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Avio is Open! Wine Tasting Outside

News from Avio

Escape the City and Get-Away to Avio!

We're still here and pouring wine on the piazza! We invite you to bring a picnic and find a scenic spot in the vineyard to retreat into. (The photo is from a while back - masks are still required when not actively tasting or eating.) Take a well-deserved break this weekend and come see us at Avio!

Reservations for tasting can be made online. We also welcome walk-ins.
Plan A Day-Trip to Avio to enjoy these Summer Activities

Postponed: Avio's 15th anniversary celebration
We'll be working on plans to celebrate properly at a later date!

Sept. 5 & 6 - Labor Day Weekend
We're working on something fun to help you celebrate the end of the summer season. Stay tuned...

Tasting Room Health & Safety Guidelines
The health and safety of our staff and guests is our first priority at Avio.
To keep everyone safe, we are:
  • Conducting daily health screenings of our staff.
  • Asking guests to refrain from tasting with us if displaying sickness symptoms.
  • Asking our staff to wear face coverings at all times.
  • Encouraging guests to wear face coverings when not actively tasting.
  • Practicing meticulous hand hygiene.
  • Maintaining physical distancing among our staff and guests.
  • Limiting our capacity.
  • Limiting group size.
  • Asking guests to make reservations for tasting experiences.
  • Minimizing contact with service items.
  • Sanitizing customer-contact surfaces (tables, chairs, etc.) before and after each tasting.
  • Frequently sanitizing all common areas and touch points including payment devices.
  • Frequently sanitizing our restrooms and other common-use areas.
  • Tasting service is available outdoors only.
Wine Specials
Mix & Match half-case for 25% off*

Free shipping on a full case (12 bottles) if you can't visit us.*

No Facebook Live This Week

You can watch archived videos by clicking the button below. See you soon!
Avio's Wine-thru Window is Open
Our Wine-thru Window remains open when we are not tasting. Mon - Thurs from 11-5. We'd love to have you stop by to pick up some wine and enjoy a bit of conversation. Call or Text when you arrive, 916-212-9520.

20% off for locals, and if you are here, then your local *
*Sorry, but discounts cannot be combined.