Monday, May 18, 2020

Letter to the Editor: Fire Protection Needs to be Top Priority

Amador County is proposing a permanent $129,000 budget CUT to the Amador Fire Protection District, starting July 1. At the same time, the county is proposing a $1,000,000 increase to other areas (such as a $283,000 increase for the jail).

A cut of that size to the already underfunded Amador Fire Protection District could jeopardize the Fiddletown Firehouse and take existing fire staffing away from Pine Grove and other Amador areas.

Budget cuts do need to be made, but please contact your Supervisor immediately and tell them NOT TO CUT FIRE PROTECTION! Fire season is upon us, and this is a critical need for all of us.

Call or Email your Supervisor NOW or Attend the Budget Workshop Thursday, May 21st at 10:30 am.


By Phone:
District 1: Patrick Crew 209-223-6470
District 2: Richard Forester 209-223-6470
District 3: Jeff Brown 209-223-6493
District 4: Frank Axe 209-223-6470
District 5: Brian Oneto 209-223-6470
(Note: Only Jeff Brown provides his own number, the rest of the calls go to the Board Clerk)

By Email:

By attending the County's Budget Workshop Thursday, May 21, at the County Offices at 810 Court Street in Jackson. The discussion about the Fire Protection District Budget is on the agenda for discussion at 10:40 AM, but that could change somewhat, so please arrive early.

In these times, budgets do need to be balanced, but Fire Protection needs to be top priority. Let's make sure our County leadership understands what our priorities really are.

Sue Wilson


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