Friday, May 8, 2020

Amador County: Health Officer COVID-19 Update

Health Officer COVID-19 Update

Dr. Rita Kerr, Amador County Health Officer 


COVID-19 Behavior

Amador County’s COVID-19 situation in terms of case count remains stable.

  • To date we have received 553 test results.
  • Total positive confirmed case count remains at 8.
  • No new positive case results have occurred over the past two weeks.
  • We have not experienced sustained community transmission.


Reopening Roadmap – Attestation to Readiness

Amador County meets the Epidemiologic Stability Readiness Criteria to attest to the State that we are ready to move more quickly through Stage 2 reopening on the State’s Roadmap.

 The Amador Health Officer, in collaboration with the Emergency Operations Center (EOC), is working on completing the attestation paperwork required by the State.

The EOC is providing the structure for Medical Health Operational Area resource requests to maintain active engagement with stakeholders. This includes information and support to dental and health care clinicians, and assisting them with planning to safely resume operations.

The EOC is additionally supporting the Health Officer’s ability to attest to accelerated Stage 2 readiness by successfully establishing an alternative site for temporarily housing individuals affected by COVID-19. This site has the capacity to house the State requirement of at least 15% of local homeless population should a COVID-19 outbreak occur in this group. Should Amador County need to utilize this location for COVID-19 placement, the EOC will implement the wrap around services. This procedure is separate from Project Room Key.

Amador County has already requested to schedule the call with the State that is required prior to submitting the attestation, and anticipates that will take place by Monday. The Health Officer has also requested the required letters of support from the Board of Supervisors and Sutter Amador Hospital.

Under the leadership of Mountain Valley Emergency Medical Services (MVEMSA), we now have a COVID-19 task force made up of EMT and paramedic personnel from local Fire and EMS agencies as a resource to support increased testing capabilities as well as temporary emergent staffing in our congregate care facilities should the need arise.

Lab testing capacity is another benchmark that Amador must attest to. At this time, in addition to Sutter Amador Hospital and Wellspace, testing sites available for Amador County residents include 3 OptumServe sites, two in El Dorado County and one in Lodi, as well as Project Baseline by Verily sites in Sacramento and Stockton.


Reopening Roadmap – Stage 2

As we move into Stage 2 of reopening, relaxing restrictions will not occur all-at-once. Amador County remains under the Statewide mandate. Beginning today, in addition to the businesses and activities that have been going on during Stage 1, retail stores may reopen for curbside pickup, and the manufacturing and logistics associated with the retail supply chain may resume.

The Planning for Reopening Amador Workgroup drafted and obtained feedback on local guidance documents that businesses may use to implement strategies to minimize risk of transmission of the novel coronavirus as they resume interacting with the public. The local guidance and checklist will be refined based on that feedback. The State also began publishing risk mitigation guidance by sector on their website yesterday. Businesses are expected to implement these mitigation measures prior to reopening. 

Once Amador files the attestation with the State, the County will be allowed to progress through Stage 2 more quickly, in concert with other counties in our region who will also be filing attestations. A list of businesses and activities contained in Stage 2 may be found at under the Resilience Roadmap tab.

As Amador County begins to reopen, Public Health will be vigilant in monitoring the COVID-19 activity in our community. By taking measures to minimize risk of transmission as we increase activity, our hope is that we can continue to keep adequate containment of COVID-19, within the capacity of our local healthcare system to manage. If we see a concerning upward trend in cases, restrictions would need to be reinstituted.

Individuals should continue measures that minimize COVID-19 risk:

  • Limit the number of others you interact with outside your household.
  • Cover your face to protect others.
  • Maintain 6 foot physical distance.
  • Minimize your time out and wash your hands as soon as possible afterward.
  • Regularly clean high-touch surfaces.
  • Stay home if you are sick and call ahead before seeking medical care.

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