Thursday, April 23, 2020

Editor's Desk: Help, Don't Hurt

Good evening, Amador County.

I know we all want to support our local stores and businesses. We want them to open up as soon as they can. We all wish that we could get back to "life as we know it". These are challenging times, and there is a growing amount of uncertainty that is causing folks to fear, panic and start to do irrational things.

I have seen some events posted on Facebook lately by folks who want to rally and wave flags and gather in public places in Amador County. As much as I understand their zeal and the messages they want to get across, they are also doing a great disservice to not only their fellow Americans, families and friends, but are showing a great disrespect to our First Responders who are on the front lines, overworked, underpaid, exhausted...trying their very best to help our communities stay healthy and safe against an invisible foe. Ignoring social distancing and stay at home orders doesn't help a community at all. It hurts.

All I'm saying is what has been said repeatedly: Stay home! Keep it to social media. Keep it to Facebook. Hold a Zoom meeting, do a Facebook Live thing. Write me a Letter to the Editor, and I'll publish it on ACN! But please, please do not put others at risk. Get your message across...from home.

Support Amador County businesses that are offering specials, products and services online. Several restaurants are offering take out/pick up/delivery. There are stores offering outside, curb-side services. There are online businesses that need your support. There are those who offer services such as pool cleaning, landscaping and yard work, who take COVID precautions. Participate in the Amador Community Foundation's Amador Buck$: Get Paid to Shop Local! program.

Remember...I am offering FREE advertising for ALL Amador County businesses and services, so if you are offering products or services, let me know, and I will promote you! E-mail me at

Help. Don't hurt. Stay home, except for essential needs. A rally or protest is not an essential need:

We're in this...together!

Thank you for reading.

Carol Harper, Editor
Amador Community News

PS. Oh yes, and please don't inject disinfectants...or eat Tide pods...

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