Monday, April 13, 2020

District 3 Community Council - Mon Apr 13

Welcome, I hope everyone is safe and secure.  The coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has thrust our community into unknown territory.  I recognize this is a frightening time and that many in our community have faced both health and economic impacts.  District 3 Community Council Secretary Suzanne has been tirelessly keeping the D3CC website up to date with information from Federal, State and County.

When the all clear is sounded, we will need to get our economy back up and running again. I pledge to donate all of my Stimulus Check to our local Businesses and Organizations in District 3.  Businesses have supported our local Organizations.  Now it is our turn to completely support both.  I know not everyone can do this but if you can please do.

When a dollar is spent at a locally owned business will linger in Amador through the form of local investment and expansion and payroll to area workers, who then spend that dollar again. In comparison, a dollar spent at a national chain store usually leaves the community and disappears into an out-of-town coffer somewhere.

To be clear, I don’t mean to impugn our good corporate-owned business neighbors. But they have deeper pockets to tolerate financial swings in the marketplace.

Locally owned businesses have less protection to what the economy is doing now – trying to fight an ugly invisible invader in our lives.

Over time, the scientists and health experts, in whom we have placed our trust, will no doubt find a way to guard against this invading virus.

Until then, we must all do our part to minimize the anxiety and worry and economic hardship that is coming with it.

The remedy is to shop at a locally owned business.

Jeff Brown
D3CC Chairperson
Amador County District 3 Supervisor


April 13, 2020 Newsletter Meeting
Here's What's Going on in Amador District 3
During our World Pandemic:

Report from Amador Fire Protection District
Station: 111
320 - Emergency medical service, other 2
321 - EMS call, excluding vehicle accident with injury 49
322 - Motor vehicle accident with injuries 1
324 - Motor vehicle accident with no injuries. 3
412 - Gas leak (natural gas or LPG) 1
424 - Carbon monoxide incident 1
444 - Power line down 7
445 - Arcing, shorted electrical equipment 3
500 - Service Call, other 1
550 - Public service assistance, other 4
553 - Public service 2
554 - Assist invalid 8
611 - Dispatched & cancelled en route 16
622 - No incident found on arrival at dispatch address 1

Report from Amador County Sheriff

937 Incidents These include calls for service, patrol checks, medical/fire and officer-initiated activity.

140 Medical/fire calls
1 robbery
9 thefts
5 animal related calls
17 carstops
25 alarms (majority disposition was false alarm or error)
69 suspicious calls for service
58 welfare checks (those have increased in the last few weeks due to Covid19)

Tuesday’s Board of Supervisor AGENDA, 9 am.
I encourage the public to participate from home by calling in using the following number:
+1-669-900-6833 (alternate phone numbers listed on
Access Code: 758 573 6084#

You may also view and participate in the meeting using this link: - Full agenda packets at

Introduction of the new Amador County Public Works Director, Mr. Richard Vela, P.E. and approval of resolution appointing him to this position

General Services Administration: Energy Conservation Projects Presentation by the County’s Energy Services Company (ESCO) SitelogIQ Suggested Action: Pending review and acceptance of SitelogIQ’s findings, 1) Authorize the General Services Director to proceed with Public Hearing Notices for energy services contracts and financing/loan documents with CEC and PG&E and; 2) Authorize County Counsel, CAO and GSA Director to develop final agreements and resolutions for those future public hearings.

Discussion of revised budget estimates and schedule because of COVID-19 shutdown and request to form an ad-hoc committee to discuss budget proposals with the CAO.
Report from Amador Water District - Rich Farrington
Amador Water Agency (AWA) wants to emphasize that our drinking water is not impacted by the Coronavirus (COVID-19). According to the State Water Board, Environmental Protection Agency and Center for Disease Control, conventional water treatment methods that use filtration and disinfection, such as those in AWA drinking water systems, remove or inactivate the virus that causes COVID-19. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recommends that Americans continue to use and drink tap water as usual.

AWA is modifying its operations in accordance with local health advisories. Our Customer Service Desk and lobby are currently closed until further notice for the protection of the public and our employees, and AWA has implemented “social distancing” practices for staff. AWA field operations staff are continuing to work throughout our service area and we ask the public to limit in-person interactions with field staff and maintain social distance.

AWA staff members remain available to assist customers via telephone at 209-223-3018 or email at Customers may experience additional wait times; we appreciate your patience. If you experience a hardship due to the economic downturn, please contact Customer Services.

Amador County Public Health, Centers for Disease Control (CDC), Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), and State Water Resources Control Board (SWRCB) have more information.





Questions about AWA Water? – If you ever have any questions about AWA water, the best action for customers to take is to call the office at 223-3018 so they can create a work order   Or you can email  Getting a work order is good for us to have to get the information needed on a specific customer location and initiate and to track investigation.

Highway Safety
Please slow down near Cook and Ham Station. I have had a call from the owner of Cook Station. People seem to be speeding up as they get near the restaurant. This is during the Summer and Winter. He and I have requested help from Caltrans and CHP.

Our next meeting is scheduled for May 11, 2020

If you need to contact me or recommend something, please email me at

Thank You and be safe

Jeff Brown
D3CC Chairperson
Amador County Supervisor, District 3

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