Tuesday, April 14, 2020

AmadorArts: Peccianti to Present His Popular Chinese History and Art Class - Fri April 17

Well-known Amador County elementary school teacher, principal and artist Bruce Peccianti will be videoed live April 17 at 1:00 pm presenting his popular Ancient Chinese History and Art Lesson. Until now, the county’s sixth grade students and teachers have been the only people to see this fascinating class, complemented with many unique props Peccianti has acquired through trips to China.

Now, thanks to the Amador County Arts Council (aka AmadorArts) and its partner KVCG Hometown Radio, the public can learn and be entertained by this History class with integrated arts. Peccianti will be filmed live from the Arts Center in Jackson by a single volunteer from KVGC (from over six feet away) and broadcast on Facebook live, then archived on the website and Facebook page of the Amador County Arts Council www.amadorarts.org. That way, if you miss the 1:00 pm showing, you can view it at any time that works for you.

The main reason for the taping is so that all Amador County Unified School District 6th graders, now in home isolation due the coronavirus, will get the arts curriculum they always receive from the Amador County Arts Council. The recorded film will be sent to the school district and distributed to all 6th grade teachers and families for use in online learning during the remainder of this school year.

Bruce Peccianti garbed in authenticity for his Ancient Chinese History and Art Class
Peccianti is re-working the original classes which were in two 3-hour sessions. Now the Ancient Chinese History and Art Class will be around 45 minutes, and it will teach about Chinese sayings, cultural habits, the silk industry, and the types of Chinese hats and tea. Other History topics will be the first Emperor of China and how he unified the country, leading to the Great Wall of China and the terra cotta warriors.

The Ancient Chinese Art component will begin with what a chop looks like, the seal or identifying symbol used in lieu of signatures on artwork and papers.  Mr. Peccianti will introduce the Chinese concept of Ying and Yang whereby students can complete the lesson with any piece of paper, pencil, pen and/or crayons. Directions will be given so that students may refer back to the video as needed.

A resident of Sutter Creek, Peccianti is a retired elementary school teacher and principal, spending 36 years in the ACUSD. He’s definitely not retired from teaching art in the classroom because for many years, he’s been one of the main Fine Artists working with Amador County Arts Council arts education. Over the last ten years, he has taught arts education curriculum to every second, third, fifth and sixth grade student at all six elementary schools in our county. He has been essential to the development of the standards-based sequential visual arts curriculum that Amador County Arts Council provides in the classrooms.

When he’s not teaching, Peccianti is an artist whose works have been shown in local galleries, restaurants, spas, and in a one-man show a few years ago in the Amador Arts Gallery when it was in Sutter Creek. His favorite personal medium is paper, creating Asian-inspired collages with fine hand-made papers.

Amador County Arts Council is a 501(c) 3 serving Amador County since 1982. AmadorArts is focused on arts education, free art opportunities, and resources and advocacy for the arts. Everyone has a home in the arts with Amador County Arts Council. Amador County Arts Council provides arts education curriculum and Fine Artist Instructors for FREE to the Amador County Unified School District for all K-6 elementary school students, and FREE Poetry curriculum to all High Schoolers.

This production of the Amador County Arts Council is made possible by the generosity of KVGC Hometown Radio, Jim Guidi, and with and partial funding from the California Arts Council, a State Agency. If you’re interested in filming a video like this at no cost, this resource is free to all interested artists, artisans, performers, and musicians. For information, contact Meghan O’Keefe, Executive Director, at meghan.amadorarts@gmail.com  

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