Wednesday, March 18, 2020

AmadorArts: Letter to the Community on Disaster Response

Dear Amador County,

The Amador County Arts Council takes public health seriously and is closely monitoring the COVID-19 pandemic. We urge you to stay home and take care of each other.

Our facilities are now closed and will remain so through March 31, 2020 or until the Social Distancing guidelines are changed. 

However, the Amador County Arts Council is still operating in service to the public during this disaster. Visit our website and social media pages for a variety of artsy ways to connect with community during this disaster. Creative Respite is an important element in maintaining wellness during trying times. Therefore, Amador County Arts Council is offering a number of arts classes and events available at These include dance, music, visual arts, poetry, sewing, crafting, creative writing, publishing, and more. Furthermore, our Board and Staff will continue to operate meetings in a secure online platform.

Additionally, has a number of resources for artists and arts organizations experiencing economic impacts as a result of this disaster. Amador County Arts Council is here to help artists and arts organizations weather this storm. I am here to assist artists and arts organizations impacted by this disaster. I am happy to provide one-on-one help as artists evolve means to survive during this crisis.

Amador County Arts Council envisions a community where artists of all kinds join together to provide Creative Respite during crisis. In Amador County, no one should ever feel alone or disconnected from the life-affirming impacts of creative engagement. Contact me to be a part of our Creative Respite efforts.

Thank you for being an integral part of the Amador County Arts Council. Your continued support allows us to be a resource for all people even during times of disaster.

“Art making resulted in statistically significant lowering of cortisol levels.” ~ Journal of the American Art Therapy Association

“The arts empower. The arts give a voice to the voiceless. The arts help transform American communities and the result can be a better child, a better town, a better nation and certainly a better world. Let’s champion our arts action heroes, emulate them and make our communities everything we want them to be.” ~ Robert L. Lynch, President, Americans for the Arts


Meghan O’Keefe, Executive Director

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