Friday, December 20, 2019

Main Street Theatre Works announces Auditions for 2020 Summer Season - Jan 12 & 13

Kong’s Night Out A Little Murder Never Hurt Anybody 

JACKSON, CA - Main Street announces their 2020 Summer Season ~ Kong’s Night Out, by Jack Neary, directed by Allen Pontes, playing Fri & Sat, 6/19 - 7/18, and A Little Murder Never Hurt Anybody, by Ron Bernas, directed by Shawn B. O’Neal, playing Fri & Sat, 8/7 - 9/5.The shows are performed at the beautiful Kennedy Mine Amphitheatre in Jackson. All rehearsals until tech week are in Sacramento, at R25. Actors will receive a $150 gas stipend. 

AUDITIONS will be held at The Three Penny stage, (1723 25th St, Sacramento, in the R25 complex) on Sunday, 1/12 from 6:30p – 9:30p, and Monday, 1/13, from 6:30p - 9:30p.
Auditions will be cold reads from selected sides. Please bring a headshot and resume. 

KONG’S NIGHT OUT, by Ron Bernas Directed by Allen Pontes Runs Fri & Sat, 6/19 - 7/18 
Rehearsals start the week of 5/13, and are in Sacramento until tech week. 
Auditions will be cold reads from the script. For a copy of the sides/script, contact Allen Pontes at  

Kong’s Night Out is the story of what happened in the hotel room next to the hotel room where Ann (played in the 1933 movie by Fay Wray) was whisked out of bed and into the Manhattan night by King Kong. As low-end Broadway producer Myron Siegel is getting ready to open his latest production, Foxy Felicia, Myron finds out that his rival is going to open, directly across the street, a very big show, with a very big monkey! As the story unfolds, doors fly open and slam shut, as well as mistaken identities, pies in the face, deceitunderhandedness, and even a couple of romances. It’s a comic look at a classic story, as depicted in the 1933 movie. 
All parts available: 
Myron Siegel - 40s Sally Charmaine  60s Daisy – 20s Little Willie - 30s - 40s Bertrille Siegel - 30s - 40s Ann Farrow – 20s Carl Dennam – 40s Jack Driskel - 30s

A LITTLE MURDER NEVER HURT ANYBODY, by Ron Bernas Directed by Shawn B. O’Neal Runs Fri & Sat, 8/7 - 9/5 
Rehearsals start the week of 7/1, and are in Sacramento until tech week. 
Auditions will be cold reads from the script. For a copy of the sides/script, contact Shawn B. O’Neal at 

A Little Murder Never Hurt Anybody, pays homage to the screwball comedies of the 1930s. The story centers around New Year’s Eve at the Perry mansion, where Matthew Perry and his wife, Julia, divulge their New Year’s Resolutions ~ his is to kill her before the year is up, and hers is to stay alive through the year so she can attend their daughter Bunny’s wedding. But as Julia dodges Matthew’s murder attempts, several friends and staff mysteriously die on the family estate. Enter Detective Plotnik – a Sam Spade reincarnation who suspects everyone but hasn’t got a clue. As the bodies fall, it seems that Matthew is responsible for murdering everyone except his wife. But if he didn’t do it, “who done it?” 

All parts available: 
Matthew Perry – Mid 50s 
Buttram – 40s – 50s 
Julia Perry – Mid 50s 
Bunny Perry – Mid 20s 
Donald – Mid 20s 
Plotnik – 30s – 50s 

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