Tuesday, September 10, 2019

PG&E: New Weather Webpage Gives Customers Insight into Meteorological Matters, Gauges the Potential for the Need to Call a Public Safety Power Shutoff

PG&E’s in-house meteorology team just launched a new weather website which includes a 7-Day Public Safety Power Shutoff Potential Forecast. Here’s the link in case you are interested in checking it out and sharing with your weather fans and viewers: www.pge.com/weather.

The website is updated daily by a PG&E meteorologist or fire scientist and is geared toward informing customers and communities about detailed weather data in their areas, and uses four PSPS categories: Not expected, Elevated, PSPS Watch, PSPS Warning.

In addition to the 7-Day Public Safety Power Shutoff Potential Forecast, customers and community members can view humidity, precipitation, temperatures, wind speeds and wind gusts across 70,000 square miles of Northern and Central California. The site also features detailed hometown weather conditions, based on the closest weather station.

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