Friday, August 23, 2019

Letter to the Editor: AT&T: We have a right to private property and privacy protections

My opinion regarding an ATT press release:

Due to current wireless, I am able to read and write this opinion as I am one that needs access. But, how safe is our/your private property and privacy? Is this important to you?

We have a right to private property and privacy protections. Some valuable information comes from Scientists For Wired Technology, such as:

Safe, secure, extremely high speed, highest capacity, most reliable and energy efficient fiber optic internet broadband is necessary for economic development as the signals are contained within a fiber optic cable - making hacking a difficult physical process protecting your confidential communications with a professional, as your health care provider, lawyer, financial transactions, online banking, emails, and personal documents.

Fiber optic broadband is secure, unlike wireless - which should not be trusted with proprietary or confidential information because it broadcasts it everywhere, making hacking easy. According to my computer professional hacking into our electronic property can be accomplish by just knowing your internet IP address, malware and such is not needed.

However, there is another way to accomplish this broadband availability, it was spelled out in the 1993 “California First Plan” proffered by the telephone landline company, currently ATT, that was to be completed by the year 2000.

This Plan lead to deregulation and ratepayer increases in access of billions of dollars to pay for the installation of fiber optic for all, according to Scientists For Wired Technology.

A Huffpost article of August 23, 2017, titled “Californians Paid Billions Extra: The State Assembly Should Investigate AT&T’s Cross-Subsidies” explains how the Plan was converted to the wireless versus fiber optic wired provision.
Source: Californians Paid Billions Extra: The State AssemblyShould Investigate AT&T’s Cross-Subsidies

Additionally, Huffpost article “Expose: AT&T California Fiber Optic Scandal: Billions Charged for Broadband that Never Showed Up.”

I prefer fiber optic broadband for these and other reasons, including local adverse aesthetic visual impacts.

Laura Allred
Amador County Resident, District 5

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