Thursday, July 11, 2019

Mother Lode Democrats to hear from NorCal Resist - Tues July 16

Members of the local organization, NorCal Resist, are making their fourth trip to the border on June 21, and will return by June 25. The travelers, made up of community members from Auburn, Sacramento, Visalia, and the Bay Area, are returning to the border just as immigration rhetoric coming from the White House ramps up yet again.  The travelers are not only bringing themselves, but are loaded down with several cars full of donations from the Portland area, as well as two pedal-powered washing machines that will be used at shelters where electricity can be unreliable.

The volunteers will be assisting other organizations with legal and medical clinics, as well as providing shelters on both sides of the border with supplies and a fresh group of volunteers willing to cook, clean, or do other tasks that are needed. 

Autumn Gonzalez, a volunteer on a past trip, explained, "We have a couple different goals with these trips.  The first is to bear witness and bring back accurate information to our neighbors in Sacramento, who may be hearing a lot of conflicting information about who is at the border, and why, from different media sources.  Our second goal is to show our solidarity through our presence, our willingness to pitch in and roll up our sleeves, and by bringing funds and donations that represent the kindness of many folks in our community.  And then, we also see these trips as a way of building cross-border solidarity with organizations that are at the forefront of the work for migrant justice.  It's humbling for us to be able to work with and support organizations like Al Otro Lado, and to signal-boost their message."

The group has shared its prior experiences with audiences around Sacramento, and will do so here in Amador County at the July 16th meeting of the Mother Lode Democrats of Amador.  The meeting will be at the Amador Senior Center starting at 6:30 PM.  Everyone is invited to attend this informative and educational presentation.  In fact, bring a friend.  You don't have to be a Democrat to learn about what is happening at our border from people who have actually been there.

For more information, contact Steve Christensen at 209-267-0615.

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