Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Master Gardeners of Amador County: Annual Tomato Tasting Contest - Sat Aug 24

If you are like most gardeners, tomatoes are number one in your heart.  Most of us eagerly anticipate that first delicious fruit of the season.  We’re all looking for the perfect tomato.  Saturday, August 24th is your chance to put your tomatoes to the ultimate test.  The UCCE Master Gardeners of Amador County are sponsoring a tomato judging and tasting contest at the Sutter Creek Farmers Market located on the corner of Main Street and Gopher Flat Road.

Bring at least one washed tomato of each variety (at least five cherry tomatoes) to the Sutter Creek Farmers Market between 8:30 and 9:30am on Saturday, August 24.  The judges will begin their tasting at 10:00am, and winners will be announced by 11:30am.  Prizes will be awarded for the biggest tomato by weight as well as best tasting red, non-red, and cherry tomatoes.

After the judging, join us for the public tasting; you’ll have fun tasting all kinds of tomatoes from tiny grape-size to giants the size of grapefruits along with a variety of colors including yellow, orange, pink, tiger striped, and of course, ruby red.  We are sure to have a tomato you’ve never tasted before and that may become your new favorite.

For questions email Noreen at ngailgoff@gmail.com

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