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Amador Child Abuse Prevention Council - May 2019

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It's our job as adults to keep kids safe.
CAPC Newsletter                                                  May 2019

May is  
Mental Health Matters  

May is Mental Health Matters Month, by
wearing a lime green ribbon you can show
your support and awareness of mental health.

Nearly 50% of all people will face a mental health challenge at some point in their lives but with the correct support and treatment, the road to recovery is pretty smooth.

Millions of individuals and thousands of organizations in California came together to create a safe community and environment as a place to reach out for support, which is known as the Each Mind Matters Movement. The goal of Each Mind Matters is to improve equality and mental health as well as its services, and to prevent suicide in the community.

Mental Health for Children
Being aware of mental health is especially important in kids and students because it can prevent bigger issues later down the road such as behavioral issues, problems in school and the criminal justice system and anxiety, depression, even suicidal problems.

About 1 in 5 children develop a mental health problem but nearly two thirds of them get little or no help at all; because of this, it is very important to sit down with your children and make sure you can communicate openly with each other.

What You Can Do
There are a few steps you can take if you are worried about someone's mental health such as talk to the person privately, offer support and share some resources and follow up with the person to make sure they're getting help.

Throughout the month of May there are many different activities and events taking place in Amador County that the public is welcome to attend, to name just a few:  
  • Chronic Pain & Mental Health Workshop on May 7th
  • Safe Kids Safety Awareness Day on May 17th
  • Mental Health Matters Day on May 22nd
To see the full calendar of events, visit

Family Strengthening  
Mini-Grants Now Available!
We are excited to announce that funding is available for Family Strengthening mini-grant proposals for the 2018-19 fiscal year. Mini-grants will be awarded up to $2,000. Funding is provided by the Amador Child Abuse Prevention Council (ACAPC).
Grants are available for qualified organizations and agencies to provide Family Strengthening programs within the County of Amador.
Family Strengthening is the premise that children do well when families do well, and that
families do well when they live in supportive communities. Enhancing connections within
families, and between families, and the institutions that affect them, result in better outcomes
for children and their families.
Mini-Grant Application

Mini-Grant applications may be submitted to ACAPC at any time throughout the 2018-19 fiscal year, however grant reviews and awards will occur bi-monthly.
A Trauma-Informed Book Club!

Here is a great way to become trauma-informed and build your knowledge around adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) and resiliency.
Inspired by an ACEs Connection idea, we are following along, sharing with you one book each month that focuses on the issues of trauma and toxic stress in children and in our communities. Read along with us, and use the discussion questions to further the conversation around this timely and important topic. Join us on our Facebook page to discuss the follow-up questions each month for a more in-depth understanding of how trauma, ACEs, and resiliency are inter-related and impact our community.

For May, we have How Children Succeed , by Paul Tough.

How Children Succeed is a must read for people who are curious about what it's like to grow up in America. It focuses on the educational systems and how measurable intelligence (IQ, GPA, test/SAT scores) are tied in with motivation, curiosity, self-control and confidence. It shows how stress/trauma and love/nurturement can have 2 completely different outcomes on a child's mental and physical development.

Summary Questions
  • Should a child's future be determined by their IQ and test scores?
  • What are 3 main differences between a child growing up in a stressful and toxic household compared to a child that is nurtured and supported?
  • Do you think children pick up negative behavior from public schools? What is a way that could stop this from happening?
  • What type of changes could be made to educational systems to better support low income neighborhoods or families that struggle to get their child to succeed in school?
  • Do you think the way the success is defined today sets the bar too high for children?
Please feel free to join in on a conversation about this book 
and these questions on our Facebook page, HERE.
Upcoming Events
Click HERE for a full list of current events in Amador County.

Free Mandated Reporter Training  

The second Thursday of every month, from 10:00am - 12:00pm, 
the Child Abuse Prevention Council is holding free mandated reporter trainings. Open to parents, teachers, the community, staff or colleagues needing a refresher course, or new staff with no previous training, give 
us a call, (209) 223-5921. For the flyer with all the information, click HERE.    *Please note that there will be no training in June.
Resilient Amador
Join CAPC in creating a county-wide effort to recognize and address 
the impact of Adverse Childhood Experiences(ACEs) in Amador County. 
Next Steering Committee meting:  Tuesday, May 14, 3:00-5:oopm 
Here at our CAPC offices, 975 Broadway, Jackson.  
Next CAPC Meeting
CAPC meetings are the third Monday of every other month.
Monday, May 20, 10:30am-12:00pm
975 Broadway, Jackson 
Print the FLYER here.

Print the FLYER here.

Print the  FLYER here.

Print the  FLYER here.
About CAPC
Our Vision
All children know how they are valued; all families receive the support, education and tools necessary to give every child a safe, healthy, and nurturing home; and a community that actively supports the health, safety, and education of its children.
Our Mission 
CAPC is committed to preventing all forms of child abuse in Amador County through community partnerships, free trainings, education, and family-centered events that value children, strengthen families, and engage communities. 
Investing in Our Youngest Children
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Child Abuse Prevention Council of Amador, Mail: PO Box 815, Jackson, CA 95642,Location: 975 Broadway, Jackson, CA 95642

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