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The Jefferson Messenger - Vol 2 Issue 7

Volume 3 . Issue 7                    April 13, 2019
"Whoever would overthrow the liberty of a nation, must begin by subduing the freedom of speech" - Benjamin Franklin
First Constitutional Convention of
the State of Jefferson
March 23, 2019
Roll Out of Jefferson Constitution
We are pleased to announce that the review of the proposed draft for the State of Jefferson Constitution got underway at the first SOJ Con-stitutional Convention, on March 23. Selected delegates and alternates from each county met in El Dorado County to begin the process that is expected to continue over the course of the next 3 months or so.
Last week, Constitutional Attorney, Radio Host and Educator, KrisAnne Hall and her husband JC, made a trip to Shasta County where they spent a couple of days reviewing the Constitution, with both her and JC making changes. KrisAnne was also the guest speaker at the April 1, Shasta County Patriots meeting.
We of Jefferson are indeed fortunate to have one of the nation's foremost authorities and educators on the U.S. Constitution, giving freely of her time to assist in the drafting of this long-
awaited document. KrisAnne and JC have returned home, but are continuing to work on Article V, Judicial Department and Article XI, Education and School Lands of the Constitution.
Future Conventions will be scheduled at different locations, and due to the numbers representing the 23 counties, seating is limited. At-tendees are by the invitation of each County Committee's leadership. Updates and progress will continue to be reported through your County Committee, Jefferson Messenger, and Jefferson State of Mine Radio Show, aired every Sunday, from 9 to 10 am, on KCNR 1460 Radio. To learn more about KrisAnne, please visit her web site here. KrisAnne Hall is also the President of Liberty University.
Terry Gherardi
All images courtesy of Rally Sally Rapoza.
Update on Court Cases
Citizens for Fair Representation is pleased to report that Judge Alex Kozinski, former United States Circuit Judge of the United States Court of Appeals, has joined their legal team in their case against California Secretary of State Alex Padilla, for lack of representation and dilution of vote. Kozinski will be writing the opinion for the appeal to the 9th Circuit Court.
Originally, many of us believed that the deadline to file the appeal was sometime in March, but in fact is May 8th. Kozinski was nominated to sit on
the bench by President Ronald Reagan. He has the reputation for being one of the best opinion writers and has ruled on many notable cases during his time on the bench. 
Mark Baird has also reported that his legal action against the State of California regarding open carry and the 2nd Amendment was just filed. Updates will continue to be reported in the Jefferson Messenger news-letter, as well as SOJ County Committee newsletters.

Terry Gherardi
California Business Owners and 2020 Election
This year, State of Jefferson Committees took a stance to support business, veterans, gun owners, and adding later, law enforcement. Many of the counties continue to visit businesses, handing out the special business brochures, informing bus-iness owners, that yes, Jefferson “Is Open for Business”.
This next year offers us the opportunity to take our support of business a step further. California's State elected and the left, continue to burden business owners with in-creased taxes and regulations, but what promises to be one of the hot button issues for the 2020 election, is the effort to remove the Property Tax Protection offered by Proposition 13. The Split Role, Prop 13 Initiative, has qualified for the 2020 ballot and if passed by the voters, would significantly increase property taxes on commercial properties, leaving business owners no option but to pass the increased costs of goods and services to their customers.
Instead of these taxes going into the general fund, this initiative takes the additional tax dollars from the splitting roll and puts them in special funds. Backers of the initiative include groups like the League of Women Voters, social justice groups like the Alliance of California Community Empowerment and some prominent state and local teachers unions. In addition, big money has
come from Bay Area organizations such as San Francisco Foundation and the Chan-Zuckerberg Initiative (yes, Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg), or those who do not have to worry about increased property taxes or other taxes.
If voters were to pass this, it has been widely voiced and ac-knowledged that the next move by the left would be to repeal the property tax protection from residential property owners, leaving no entity or individual exempt from being impacted by higher property taxes.
Business owners and residents also need to know that legislators are lining up bills to impose new taxes on anything from tap water to sugar, tires, lube and oil services and yes even another gas tax increase.
We need to join forces with others, such as Chambers of Commerce, conservative groups and other local organizations to distribute information to area businesses, and at the same time offer you the opportunity to leave off Jefferson business brochures. You should also ask if they would like to post their business cards, for FREE, on the State of Jefferson Chamber of Commerce Facebook page. Remind them that “Jefferson is Open for Business.”
Terry Gherardi
New Brochures Available
More Equals Less
“More Equals Less”, a new brochure, was introduced at the first Constitutional Convention. Best described, “More Equals Less” is an easy to read hand out that details the history and importance of our nation's Republican Form of Government, established in 1776. As we continue to move forward and gain population numbers, citizens in many states are recognizing a growing imbalance of representation, not only in their State Legislatures, but also the House of Representatives.
It is no longer just those of us in rural California who have been calling for equal/fair representation. In recent months, we have seen efforts in Illinois, Washington State, Colorado, Oregon and even New York. News articles calling for a “Bigger House in America” have appeared in the New York Times, San Francisco Chronicle, Washington Monthly Magazine and
even a Florida newspaper.

Over time, some within Jefferson have been in contact with those in other states, while also continuing to reach out to those in counties up and down our State. But it is Sharon Durst of El Dorado County, who came up with the idea of creating a new brochure, that will educate and raise the level of awareness about our effort in California. The brochure is an extended effort and tool that will be mailed to those groups in other states, political party leaders, elected officials, the media, plus distributed to the 58 counties of California
“More Equals Less” is represented as “Americans Restoring Re-presentation.” If you would like to place an order or need more information, please contact Sharon Durst, 530-647-1909.
Terry Gherardi

State of Jefferson Chamber of Commerce

The SOJChamber is currently in the process of creating a directory of pro-SOJ businesses. Listing yourself in the directory is free and will help pro-SOJ community members find you.
If you have a small business and want to be in the listing, click hereand just use the Directory Signup form.
You can help support the citizens of Jefferson by supporting its small businesses.
For more answers to your questions you may email Eric Eisenhammer at or call/text Eric at 916-833-9276.
Events are happening all over Jefferson Counties, too many to list here. For more information, please check the website, Events and Meetings or copy & paste:

Save the date!
Come out to Utica Park in Angels Camp on Saturday June 15, 2019, for a Family Fun Fundraiser. All proceeds will go to the SOJ legal fund. Doors open at noon, lunch will be served from 12:30-3:30 pm, which will include hamburgers, hot dogs, salads and sides. There will be games, prizes, drawings, local wine, and craft beer. Get your tickets before they sell out- $15/person or $25/couple, $5 for under 10 years. Tickets are available at Spurs R Guns in Copperopolis, at the SOJ booth during Frog Jump, or email

special drawing worth $500 will occur during the fundraiser. Tickets are only $5 each and will be available at the event or can be purchased ahead of time at the SOJ booth during the Calaveras County Frog Jump Fair. Winner need NOT be present to win.
Please visit for details.
See you there!
Thank you for the continued support,
Calaveras State of Jefferson Committee
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Conference Call
The conference calls have been put on hold for now and placed on an as needed basis. Please check back here to see if any have been scheduled.

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