Friday, March 8, 2019

Wine Tree Farm: Spring Time New Releases!

It is almost Spring,

and we have 2 new releases to share with you.

They will be available this weekend - March 8th.

We are very excited about these 2 new wines.

Although it is sad to see the end of the 2011 Grenache and
2011 Mourvèdre, we are very happy with the way
these two new wines turned out.
We hope you'll all agree! 

2016 Grenache - Bright red cherry, with a slight touch of white pepper on the finish. - only $24

2016 Mourvèdre - Earthy and rich, medium to light body opening up to red plum with a long finish. Pair with gamey meats - Lamb, duck or just on it own! just $24

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