Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Tri County Wildlife Care Celebrates 25 Years - Sun Apr 7

It is hard to believe that Tri County Wildlife Care (TCWC) is 25 years old this year. What’s to celebrate you might ask? Well how about a quarter century of people like you  carving time from your busy life to give time, money and skills to help rescue thousands of local wildlife over the years and give them a second change to be wild and free. Also the volunteers and rehabilitators who donate their time and expertise to care for the wildlife until they are able to be returned to the wild. 

There’s a lot more to cheer about so please join Tri County Wildlife Care at the their center located at 80 Ridge Road, Suite B in Sutter Creek (across from the bowling alley), Sunday April 7th anytime between 1:00p.m. to 4:00p.m. to celebrate with refreshments.  EVERYONE IS WELCOME!

To meet their growing needs, TCWC is holding a year-long drawing which includes a boat eagle viewing tour to help build the first section of an EAGLE FLIGHT CAGE.  Each section will enable TCWC to prepare smaller birds of prey to fly free.  Once completed this 100 foot flight enclosure will help rescued eagles to soar!  Visit pawspartners.org/eagle-flight for more information or to purchase drawing tickets.  Winner will be announced December 4, 2019.

Tri County Wildlife Care is a non profit organization founded in 1994 and dedicated to the rescue and release of local injured, ill and orphaned wildlife.  They work with residents to live in balance with nature and envision a world where people and wildlife thrive together. For more information, please call 209-283-3245 or visit www.pawspartners.org.

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