Friday, March 22, 2019

NAMIWalks: Team "Believe in Amador" is up and running!

Now that the snow is over,  (but there is still Easter),
we all need to mark a very important date on our the calendar
Saturday, May 4th for our NAMI WALK!
William Land Park in Sacramento

Team “Believe in  Amador” is up and running...or should I say walking?

Please go to the website, and register to walk and/or donate. New registrars will receive “our famous”,  or “infamous”, NAMI Amador Walks t-shirt with a $10 donation and/or membership.  We would like to have each walker have $100 in donations  ($100 in donations gets you another free t-shirt from NAMI National).

Overall, we have a goal of $6,000. Remember, over 60% of the money donated to Believe in Amador comes back to us to use in Amador County.

Last year we were the #1 Team with donations. Every year we have walked (for the past eight), we have been in the top ten teams with our donations.  Remember:  We are small, but mighty; slow, but steady to the finish – Go AMADOR!

Again this year - National is offering incentives for higher walker donations. All walkers with
$100 in donations receives a t-shirt but this year 'prizes' go up in value as donations increase per walker. Click here for a list with all 'prizes' and amounts needed.  
More info to follow as we get rolling – it is early – but only 44 days left! We have been the turtle in the past that just keeps going at a steady speed. So one foot in front of the other – but it is time to get started.

Get an e-mail out to friends and family to join us as walkers, get them registered and send
to possible donors.  Every year we have a great area where we gather before and after the walk for snacks, drinks, good conversations and always surprises.

Sandy Johnson
Team Captains for Believe in Amador
 Any questions, ideas, etc. I can be reached at

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