Thursday, March 7, 2019

Calaveras County: Tree Mortality Program Update

The Calaveras County Tree Mortality Program has been actively removing dead and
dying trees that pose a hazard to County roads for over a year. During that time six
projects resulted in the removal of over 1,000 trees. There are nine additional tree
removal projects that have been awarded contracts and will result in the removal of
another 4,500 trees. Weather conditions and snow cover have prevented the completion
of some of these projects, namely in the corridor between Arnold and the Alpine County
line. Other projects in the Murphys, Sheep Ranch, Wilseyville, Railroad Flat, Glencoe
and West Point areas have either just begun or will begin in the near future. The County
is doing all it can to expedite its tree removal projects while ensuring worker and resident
safety and sound management practices.

The County’s program is dependent on the cooperation of private property owners
because the hazardous trees are primarily on private property. Since the program’s
inception, over 2,500 Right of Entry forms have been mailed out to property owners to
allow foresters to identify, mark and arrange for removal of dead trees. If you have
received one of these forms you are urged to return it as soon as possible. Over the next
year the County will initiate another round of tree mortality projects and they cannot be
conducted without landowner consent. Property owners who return the Right of Entry
form and participate in the County’s program receive free tree removal and clean-up and
minimize their potential liability.

If you have questions about the program and how it works visit the County’s tree
mortality web page at or call Tad Mason at

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