Thursday, March 14, 2019

AmadorArts: Urgent Call to Support the Arts with Your Donation

A classic “Goal Thermometer” is being
used by AmadorArts to visually show
what’s needed funding-wise.
On the right, Executive Director Meghan O’Keefe
points out a serious gap. 
The Arts just don’t happen. The arts are sustained by on-going nourishment. That’s why AmadorArts is asking the public to make donations right now.  A Donor Drive has just been launched in order to raise $29,000 by June 30. AmadorArts is extremely grateful to all those many people who have already become donor members; this Drive is to reach new Donors and remind existing ones that this process is never-ending, especially if the agency is to be sustained for another 37 years.

As background, AmadorArts is designated annually by the Amador County Board of Supervisors to serve as the local partner to the California Arts Council’s State-Local Partnership Program. Incorporated in 1981 as a 501c3 not-for-profit agency, AmadorArts provides our region with a variety of cultural and educational programs that enhance local arts and the creative economy. AmadorArts has seen multi-generational successes by serving the community and schools with all kinds of arts curricula and programs for over 37 years. Despite the triumphs, AmadorArts must continue to raise funds in order to support these valuable community and school programs.

AmadorArts asks you to visit its website and push the Donation button and put in the amount you can afford.  Or you may send tax-deductible checks to AmadorArts at P.O. Box 206 Sutter Creek, CA 95685.

Your donation will enable AmadorArts to:
  • Present free concerts on Friday nights throughout the summer. TGIF.
  • Provide Arts Curricula free to all K-6 students and some junior high students  taught by professional Artist Teachers.
  • Provide art classes to ARC and the Youth Conservation Camp in Pine Grove.
  • Award scholarships and supportive funding grants to students and community organizations throughout our county.
  • Present “A Taste of the Arts” – a mini one-day arts institute.
  • Broadcast “Arts Around Amador” weekly radio program.
  • Present unique and engaging exhibitions that celebrate the youth and other treasures of Amador County. Student Arts Showcase.
  • Bestow the honor of Poet Laureate on a locally recognized poet.
  • Introduce the world’s greatest poetry to high school students, instilling confidence as they learn public speaking skills. Poetry Out Loud.
  • Plan for a major Community Arts Center facility. Arts Vision Amador.
  • Advocate for arts in the schools through the Amador Alliance for Arts Education.
  • Maintain an office/arts center with staff to administer all programs and to be a creative “drop-in studio”, meeting space, and distribution point of information about upcoming cultural happenings, and act as a “help desk” for all kinds of arts inquiries.
  • Connect the arts to the public with an “ArtsLine” newsletter and I Art Amador newspaper column.
  • Serve as the local partner to the California Arts Council, advancing California through arts and creativity.
  • Develop special initiatives and events which serve Amador County’s residents, Tourism, young people and families, artists and artisans, and bring people together to build community.

Together, your support to AmadorArts will directly impact the lives of all ages and demographics of in Amador. Just $6 covers the cost of one visual arts class for one elementary student, $60 pays for one Artist-Teacher for a one-hour class, $100 pays for one musician to play at one event, and $1,000 provides one scholarship! You may phone 209-256-8166 or email 

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