Saturday, January 5, 2019

Letter to the Editor: Fire insurance is being cancelled

Fire insurance coverage is being cancelled for thousands of residents of Amador County. Probably to prevent everyone this affects from screaming all at once…AAA, as well as other companies...are notifying clients only a month or so before their annual renewal comes due.

If you’re like me, I’ve been with AAA for 30 years…home, multiple auto coverage, as well as roadside service. I feel their loyalty to us is now based only on money. But the other insurers are also in the game. If you live in certain areas of Jackson or anywhere up country, you will be notified.

I don’t know why our supervisors or elected State representatives have chosen not to warn us. This affects mortgage companies, realtors, home and business owners and our property values. You will be advised that you can keep your insurance policy at a reduced rate and purchase California fair plan for fire only; my quote was $200 a month, $2400 a year, plus $620, or as it works out, $3000 a year, now based on a home that was worth $300-400,000.

Jim Sornberger
Volcano 209-295-7819

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