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Mt. Zion Church - Fri Dec 13

A Brand New Christmas Series!
For many, the most wonderful time of the year isn't so wonderful. A painful past or our own insecurities can overshadow the joy we’re supposed to be feeling during Christmas. What if this year could look different? It’s time to let God heal the Ghosts of Christmas Past.

New Women’s Bible Study!
 “Even when you are overlooked by others, you are handpicked by God.” – Lysa TerKeurst
Through this study you will:
  • Change your tendency to either fall apart or control the actions of others by embracing God-honoring ways to process your hurt.
  • Know exactly what to pray for the next ten days to steady your soul and restore your confidence in the midst of rejection.
  • Overcome the two core fears that feed your insecurities by understanding the secret of belonging.
Please sign up at the information table in lobby.
Cost is just $20 for the study materials.
Beginning Thursday, January 8th at 6:30 PM
6:30 PM – 8:00 PM.

Join with Brandi Patterson at the ministry house.  
Wednesday Family Night Winter Break
With the busy holiday schedule, we will take a break from our regular Wednesday night groups. We will resume Wednesday, January 8th

Women's Ministry “Secret Sisters”
Ladies, fill out your Secret Sister Questionnaire
located in the church lobby.

Monthly @ MTZC:

Family Worship Sunday
Come worship as a family through a time of sharing, caring, communion! Every FIRST Sunday of the month, we come together to worship in a special service for the whole family.

Sandwich Sunday
The first Sunday of each month we gather after service for a themed potluck! Join us as we gather to build our family connection with each other!

The Brotherhood Men’s Breakfast
Join with the guys the fourth Saturday of each month. We meet at 8 AM in the church fellowship hall.

The Summit
Join us for the most important service we have every 2nd Sunday night 6:00 PM – 7:00 PM. Also, you are invited for ice cream immediately following the service.

Wednesday Family Nights
Join us each Wednesday 6:30 PM- 8:00 PM for Youth, Children, Nursery and Adult Bibles studies!
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A Season To Serve Our Community!

Dear MTZ Church Family,

God is trusting us with THREE GREAT OUTREACH EVENTS this holiday season!

*October 25th - WE again have the opportunity to serve the families of the Pine Grove Elementary School for their Harvest Festival! We need to purchase materials to hand out information regarding MTZ Church and we need funding to rent the inflatables.

*November – WE have the opportunity to provide funding for this year’s Thanksgiving Baskets facilitated by the Interfaith Food Bank!

December 22nd – WE will be presenting the Gospel to our community with the Christmas Drama, “An Amador County Christmas”. We need to purchase sets, props and pay for advertising.

We Need Your Participation!
This year, we are asking you to prayerfully consider what God would have you give to support these three community outreaches. Just pray and ask God what He would have you give and place your gift in an offering envelope and write in “Outreach”.

Praising God in advance of what He is going to do through us all, Pastor Erik
Thank you for your tithes and/or offering you are giving to Mt. Zion Church. Be assured that you are sowing into good ground and can have the expectation that your gift will bring forth much fruit.
(Luke 8:4-15) 
Have you ever missed a sermon and wished you had some way to hear it? Do you have someone you want to share a Sunday message with? Good news, you can! Just visit our website or search for "Pastor Erik Hansen" in the iTunes store and download our free podcasts straight to your iPhone, iPad, or iPod! If you have questions or comments, contact the church office at (209) 296-5673 or email us at
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Editor's Desk: No Good Deed...

Carol Harper
Editor, ACN
Photo by
Andy Robinson Wirth
I recently shared [what some might say is] a controversial post by a very concerned parent, her story/experience of bullying in Amador County schools and the leadership that did nothing to stop it. It was posted in a general public Facebook group "Amador County School's Community Forum". ACN is a part of several public Facebook groups and pages, and this is one post that caught my eye. Bullying is a subject I always feel is important to share and discuss.

How quickly the subject turned from the issue of bullying in schools, to pointing the fingers at ACN (me) for being "one-sided". A long comment thread ensued, and I did my best to point out that ACN is a community media (not corporate) platform, that all have a voice and are welcome to comment on its posts, as long as they're not abusive or degrading. One commenter claimed that the reason why she "doesn't follow ACN anymore...(but somehow she was able to jump right into the conversation?)....was because of its "weak standards".

I happen to think it was a rather ballsy move to share something as crucial as an Amador County parent's first-hand account of bullying in schools, and her frustrations with the system. Where so many parents are silent or apathetic about the issue...or fearful of sharing their own experiences and stories because of possible social repercussions...Mrs. Arevalo took an "enough is enough"-type of stand, which I believe isn't weak, but quite powerful and obviously more effective than the continued status quo and brush-off by said powers that be. I support those who will stand up and be a voice when no one else, or very few, will.

In my continued effort for ACN to truly be a balanced, unbiased, non-partisan, politically neutral, First Amendment-type platform where everyone has a voice and a soapbox to stand on, it has never been an easy task. In the last 12 years, I've had plenty of indignant, snide remarks on both sides of the political spectrum - liberal and conservative. I've interviewed folks to get their side of the story, and then they get mad at me for interviewing the other side, and call me "biased". Both the Amador Republicans and Mother Lode Democrats of Amador are Supporting Advertisers of ACN, and have been for many years. But when I share their events or meeting notices, it never fails that I get either angry or laughter emojis, or comments that sneer at one side or the other.

So basically...I'm damned if I do, damned if I don't.

On November 19, 2019 I posted a meeting notice from the Mother Lode Democrats of Amador. Their guest speaker was Cynthia Shallit with Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America". Because I've been getting so much flack from the left and right, I've had to post the following disclaimer in the comments: Amador Community News is a non-partisan, politically neutral community media news blog, and does not endorse any political parties or candidates.

This was the response (note the emoji reactions...a typical reaction on such posts of this nature):

Perhaps the most irritating comment to my disclaimer on this post was: "Heaven's no. Standing for nothing is much safer." Nowit so happens that I know the person who posted this comment, and quite frankly, I was insulted. Ironically, this person is related to a very dear friend of mine (now passed away) who is the very reason Amador Community News still exists today: Kay Pulskamp. I made a promise to her that I would never stop ACN. "Amador County needs you," she said.

To add insult to irritation, I have always shared many of this person's posts (often for free) for their farm, their restaurant, even his own events and causes, etc. I have even personally shown up for some of his events when very few did. So to say that I "stand for nothing" is not only untrue, it felt like a slap in the face. Talk about biting the hand that helps you.

It's not the first time I've been accused of being apathetic or a "fence-dweller", and I don't care. I will continue to be non-partisan, and just because I don't lean left or right doesn't mean I stand for nothing. I might not necessarily agree, but that's not for me to decide when running an unbiased  community news blog. This is  America; we the People have the freedom of speech and the press. If I just published those who send liberal content, would that be balanced? If I just published Republican meeting notices, would that be an unbiased press?

There are not just two sides of a story; there are several sides...and thousands upon thousands of opinions. I have found it fascinating that there are so many who have absolutely no problem believing and spreading gossip and fake news to infinity and beyond on social media and other sites, as long as it fits within, supports or validates their agenda, persuades others to climb on their bandwagon, or increase their base. But there are also those of us [moderates] who are fed up with the division, the bickering, the back and forth...the taunting, the teasing, the bullying.

My years in community media have taught me a lot. I think back and wonder about all of the newspapers in the world where thousands...millions...of articles or Letters to the Editor have never seen the light of day, all to preserve the status quo..."the man behind the curtain"...keep those advertisers or those "good ol' boys" happy. Now, social media has given a voice to everyone, not just a select few. I can't tell you how many times folks have come to me and said, "The paper won't publish my letter," and I would respond, "I will. Shoot me an e-mail."

Sometimes, I like to meditate myself back into a different time in human history, like...The Crusades. The Spanish Inquisition, Slavery and the Civil War. The Trail of Tears. The Boston Tea Party. The Salem Witch Trials. World War II. Vietnam. Whose "side" would I be on? Would I be silent and do nothing? Would I get a torch and pitchfork and join the throngs?

Every time I go down these timelines, I come to the conclusion that I would, quite honestly, be afraid. In fact, I would be very afraid of the powers that be. But I would not be someone who did nothing! I would most definitely help Harriet Tubman with her Underground Railroad. I would hide Jewish families in my home. I would throw tea into the Boston harbor. And well, since I'm part Native American, the battle goes on and is still very real. I know, full well, that if I got caught doing covert, humanitarian operations back then, I would most likely end up in prison or dead. So yes, I'd probably live in fear...but those fears would never prevent me taking the risks associated in doing the right thing when others are being wronged...or prevent others from standing up for what is right...or stifle the voices of truth and justice.

So, you know what? There are worse things than folks disparaging ACN on Facebook. Like bullies in our schools...or parents and schools who don't teach their children to be good citizens...or folks who don't stand up for others when they're being bullied.

Be good. Be nice. Be strong.

Carol Harper

UPDATE: While the original post in the Amador County School's Community Forum has been taken down (and for good reason)...I just want ACN's readers to know and understand that my intent in sharing the original post was to bring up the subject of bullying in the schools...which we all know leads to school shootings, suicides, etc. Though I've received a lot of backlash, the good that has come out of this is that bullying in the schools of Amador County is back on the discussion table again.

What we are teaching our children about bullying and abuse, both at home and at school...not just in Amador County, but all over the world...ISN'T WORKING. Schools and organizations cannot just haphazardly throw together a "program" and hope that the message will get through. That's like throwing spaghetti against a wall and seeing if it will stick.
Parents, teachers and the leaders in our communities need to be PROactive in changing the direction of violence in homes, schools and the workplace. It starts in the is fostered in our schools and communities. Abuse in ANY form is unacceptable, and it is time that we quit sweeping the issue under the rug.
I want to thank Operation Care, First 5 Amador and the Amador Child Abuse Prevention Council for their continued, loyal support of Amador Community News, and hopefully, all of this will mean something to the communities of Amador County, and good will prevail.
- Carol Harper

Wednesday, December 11, 2019

Mother Lode Exchange - Dec 11-16


Feel Good Every Day

Eat Clean, Nurture Your Body, Shop Local, Connect with Your Community
Open Every Wednesday and Saturday 11am-3pm








We have persimmons coming out of our ears...GET YOURS LOCAL AND FRESH AT THE ML EXCHANGE WHILE THEY ARE IN SEASON. Here are some yummy ideas to do with all of your extra persimmons. Copy and paste link to view recipes.

Persimmon Tart

Crisp Fuyu persimmons glisten like jewels in this easy tart with a press-in crust.  Great fall-winter dessert for Thanksgiving, Christmas or a special dinner.

Spiced Roasted Persimmon Slices

Sorry we will be closed on:

Wednesday, December 25

Saturday, December 28

Wednesday, January 1

Thank You!



Shop LOCAL this holiday season.


Casa de la Pradera will offer homemade breads made with organic flours and jams with organic fruit. Spiced walnuts, quince 'membrillo' (candy), and dried persimmons.

Resonance of Light with herbal creams and salves.

South River Lavender offering lavender bunches, handmade soaps, lavender essential oil and fresh bouquets.

Winterport Farm with pasture-raised Beef.

Butte Mountain Farm will be there with lots of fresh produce, eggs, soy-free chicken and dried goods.

Pancake Power Foods with her organic baking mixes, spices, and breads.

PT Ranch offering whole pastured chicken.

Majestic Oak Farm has olive oil, duck eggs and seasonal produce.

Sierra Herbal Wellness with a host of herbal teas.

Sacred Flores and Certified Angel Card readings with Larry, intuitive sessions and metaphysical supplies.

Two Women and a Farm has homemade soaps, flower wreaths and herbs.

Blue Belle Farm with delicious and organic micro-greens, naturally made treats.

Herbal Med Rx offering a variety of organic herbal products.

Kneading Dough Bakery with breads made with organic flours, Free-range and pasture-raised eggs fresh from a neighboring farm, with no added preservatives.

Lucy's Spice Box offering her super HEALTHY and convenient, locally sourced, take-away lunches.

Frank's Basque Family Farm and their fresh frozen lamb, lamb jerky, and organic red wine vinegar.

Also featuring local artists:
Bee Inspired Toys
Mountain Girls Gold Mine
Sutter Creek Creations
Gray Horse Studios
Joan Winter
Autumn Andahl at Sierra Oaks Ranch
Shilpa's Notions



All items are made/grown locally with love and are focused on organic and sustainable living.

Follow us on Instagram and Facebook.

See you at the market!


Mother Lode Exchange
Community Market




Image may contain: one or more people


The Exchange has OPENINGS and we are looking for NEW vendors! A place to sell after the seasonal farmer's markets end. Here is what we need: hot coffee and tea vendor, produce vendors, artists, massage therapist, food to-go, cottage food vendors, or other businesses geared towards natural, sustainable and organic living. Join our community and encourage healthy living. The Mother Lode Exchange is a year-round, indoor farmer's market, open every Wed and Sat, 11am-3pm.

Thank you for all of you support so far!




We've Moved to a New Location!

Now Located at the Historic Chichizola Store,
1324 Jackson Gate Rd in Jackson.


Mother Lode Land Trust for making this possible.

Check out our new website!

Synergy Solutions Now Available

Our Synergy solutions will change the way you do business. Whether you do corporate partnerships on a large scale, small scale or medium scale, Synergy will streamline your communications and take your brand's success to the next level.

Generitech Summer Sale

This summer, Generitech is bundling together each of the four Business Class software solution packages into the Business Class Bundle. Now is the time to snatch up the full suite of Business Class applications for a discounted price.
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Mother Lode Exchange

Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Sutter Creek Theater: Bob Malone, with his full band and singers this FRIDAY!

sutter creek theatre

Celebrating our 16th Season of cultural arts and quality entertainment!


There's a reason why Bob Malone is the keyboardist for John Fogerty - he is simply AMAZING! This is the first time we've had him with his full band, including his backup singers, the "Malonettes." A great Christmas program (the latest Grinch movie has his version of "Mr. Grinch") and his signature rockin' blues all in one show - don't miss it this Friday 12/13!  
This is the only Grammy winning exclusively Western band. In the vein of Sons of the Pioneers, Gene Autry, and Roy Rogers, with comedy and entertainment to boot! They've been around for 30 years, see their extensive bio on the web site. They usually don't play venues as small (and intimate) as we are, so DON'T miss this show. 
FRI 2/7 Ray Bonneville with Richie Lawrence - Blues, Americana.
SAT 2/15 Cripple Creek - Country, Southern rock.
SAT 3/15 Tempest - Celtic Rock - Leif's annual birthday bash with us!
SAT 4/25 Tom Rigney & Flambeau - Electrifying roots music fiddle. 

Video clips below, tickets available now on the web site! 
If you have problems ordering tickets online please call us at 916.425.0077 or email us at  
Please help spread the word! Let your facebook friends know we're out there! Help build our loyal audience! Thank you for your support!   

 You can buy tickets to our shows at  Heart & Soul in Sutter Creek!
Heart & Soul has unique handmade jewelry and other uniqued items for your home and is open *NEW HOURS - Thursday - Sunday 11-5  at 42 Main Street in the theatre building.  

You can use the "buy tickets for this show" links in this email to go directly to the website for tickets.  

Like us and check out our facebook page here
Like us on Facebook


Bob Malone Band - The Christmas Collection Live
FRIDAY December 13, 8 pm
$23 advance / $27 day of show

An evening with Bob Malone and his all-star band showcasing Bob's album "The Christmas Collection." A set of ten holiday classics and originals, including Bob's version of "You're a mean one, Mr. Grinch" featured in 2018's Illumination/Universal Pictures movie "The Grinch." Hold on to your seats for a second set featuring the best of Bob's one-of-a-kind blues-powered piano rock show.
Bob Malone is known for his high-energy solo concerts, his recorded work with Ringo Starr, Bob Seger and many others, and as a long-standing member of John Fogerty's touring band. Malone is a keyboard wizard. Classically trained with a degree in Jazz, he's the guy all the Rock, Pop, and Folk artists want playing with them. To hear him is to love him.

 Click here for tickets

Bob Malone - Good People [OFFICIAL VIDEO]
Bob Malone - Good People [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

The Black Irish Band - Celtic and Americana music!
Saturday December 28, 7 pm
$14 advance / $16 day of show


When you take Celtic, Spanish, and Italian Music, and mix it up, you get the true nature of the Black Irish Band. For twenty-six years this band has created an original sound that no other band has. With over 600 concert performances to date and airplay around the world, the band has kept very busy spreading their brand of progressive folk music to a large audience. Performing both traditional and original music the band is very focused on presenting acoustic music in a very exciting up-beat way that appeals to all ages. The band has written and recorded 96 original songs that appear on many of the bands twenty-five CD recordings. Many of the original works written by the band are based on Celtic history.

 Click here for tickets

Black Irish Band: Ballad of Grizzly Adams
Black Irish Band: Ballad of Grizzly Adams

The Ray Charles Project - Award-winning artists play Ray's greatest hits! 
Saturday January 11,  7 pm
$24 advance / $27 day of show

An amazing group of talent! In tribute to the genius of Ray Charles, a swinging sextet of outstanding Bay Area musicians offers their take on some of the highlights from Ray's amazing songbook. They put on a great show last year. This is just some of the best music ever, and it's delivered flawlessly by this great band! 
Tony Lindsay has 11 GRAMMY AWARDS on his mantel after spending two decades as lead singer of Santana, and has recorded with such artists as Patti Austin, Aretha Franklin, Curtis Mayfield, and Steve Winwood. He moved from Albany, New York to San Jose in 1980, worked at Guitar Center, and joined the Danny Hull Quintet, which later adopted the name Spang-a-Lang. His friend Chester Thompson invited him to audition for Santana, and overnight he went from playing small clubs to huge amphitheaters.
This year guitarist Kid Andersen of Rick Estrin & the Nightcats joins the band. Kid is an amazing guitarist, and it will be a real treat for him to perform in this show.  

Glenn Walters sang lead for two sensational Bay Area bands, the Hoodoo Rhythm Devils and the Zasu Pitts Memorial Orchestra. The San Francisco Examiner called his voice "as warm, furry, and comforting as a mink coat. You just wanna wrap it around you." He has also previously toured and performed with the Doobie Brothers, Chuck Berry, Steely Dan, Savoy Brown, Uriah Heep, Johnny Winter, The Pointer Sisters and Sammy Hagar.
Bassist DeWayne Pate graduated from the Musicians Institute in Los Angeles, moved north, and has since worked with an array of top Bay Area talents including Huey Lewis and the News, Boz Scaggs, Maria Muldaur, and Robben Ford. He's also a columnist for Bassics Magazine, and his instructional video, The Art of Tapping, his been widely popular. Reviewer Andrew Gilbert called his album Melting Pot "an impressive array of grooves."
Deszon Claiborne is the dynamic drummer for Clockwork and the Tammy Hall Trio, and Tony Lindsay's Soul Soldiers.
Rounding out this powerhouse performance is Dave Matthews on keyboards. Dave has worked with James Brown, Bonnie Rait, Idris Muhammad, George Benson, Nina Simone, and is the leader of the Manhattan Jazz Quintet.

The Ray Charles Project
The Ray Charles Project
Stranger Blues - Kid Andersen at Lil Lou's BBQ on June 4th, 2015
Stranger Blues - Kid Andersen at Lil Lou's BBQ on June 4th, 2015

Sourdough Slim & Robert Armstrong - Last of the Vaudeville Cowboys 

Saturday January 18,  7 pm 
$20 advance / $23 day of show
Hold on to your seat and get ready for a rollicking evening of outrageous humor and song. A marvel of musical ingenuity, yodeling cowboy songster Sourdough Slim and string instrument wizard Robert Armstrong joyously rekindle the country blues, vintage jazz, cowboy classics and string band repertoire of pre-WWII America. Whether capturing the haunting refrain of a Jimmie Rodgers blue yodel or swinging out a hot novelty number, everyone gets caught up in the fun these two cut-ups have on stage. A fast-paced performance of music and comedy that showcases this duo's seasoned gift for connecting with their audiences. All dished up with a hearty dose of vaudevillian stagecraft making for a delightfully entertaining experience. Long time fans will remember them as founding members of two of California's favorite acoustic combo's, 8th Avenue String Band and R. Crumb's Cheap Suit Serenaders. Between them they share a provocative array of period instruments including: flat-top guitar, national steel, baritone and soprano ukulele, musical saw, accordion, six-string banjo and harmonica. Well traveled veterans of stages ranging from Carnegie Hall and The Lincoln Center to The National Cowboy Gathering, Strawberry Music Festival and Prairie Home Companion. These modern day vaudevillians capture a sound and moment in time that consistently delights fun loving music fans everywhere they perform.Make your newsletter a valuable source of information and advice and you will successfully position yourself as an expert.

Click here for tickets

Sourdough Slim and Robert Armstrong - Hesitation Blues
Sourdough Slim and Robert Armstrong - Hesitation Blues
David Wilcox - brilliant guitar and stirring vocals by a master folk songwriter 
Friday January 24, 8 pm
 $25 advance / $29 day of show

"David Wilcox's ongoing musical journey is compelling and richly deserving of a listen."
- Rolling Stone
Wilcox is now 20 records into a career marked by personal revelation and wildly loyal fans. His lyrical insight is matched by a smooth baritone voice, virtuosic guitar chops, and creative open tunings, giving him a range and tenderness rare in folk music.
Wilcox released an independent album in 1987, was a winner of the prestigious Kerrville Folk Festival New Folk award in 1988, and by 1989 he had signed with A&M Records,
A "songwriter's songwriter," his songs have been covered by many artists, including k.d. lang. In addition to his writing prowess, his skills as a performer and storyteller are unmatched. He holds audiences rapt with nothing more than a single guitar, thoroughly written songs, a fearless ability to mine the depths of human emotions of joy, sorrow, and everything in between, and all tempered by a quick and wry wit. In live performance, David loves making up a spontaneous song for an audience member in need. Anyone who has seen Wilcox perform more than once or twice has seen him concoct one of his "Musical Medicine" songs on the spot, full of lyrical artistry and musical inventiveness, like some kind of uncanny parlor trick.
Make your newsletter a valuable source of information and advice and you will successfully position yourself as an expert.
David Wilcox - We Make The Way By Walking (Official Video)
David Wilcox - We Make The Way By Walking (Official Video)
The Unauthorized Rolling Stones presents "Come Together" - music of The Beatles & The Rolling Stones 
Saturday January 25, 7 pm
$24 advance /$28 day of show
unauthorized rolling stones
No two bands have affected music more that the Beatles or the Stones. Each opposing force exemplifing universal clashing views making "COME TOGETHER" nothing less than a miracle! Never before has one band attempted to cover the two greatest catalogs in rock in one performance. The Unauthorized Rolling Stones have melded vast musical chakras into one wildly captivating and astonishing treat for any music palette. Come enjoy. COME TOGETHER.

The Atomic Beatles Live at the Downtown Theatre-Fairfield, CA
The Atomic Beatles Live at the Downtown Theatre-Fairfield, CA
"BITCH" The Unauthorized Rolling Stones at Yoshi's Oakland

theatre logo

2/1 Bill & Tamara Champlin
2/15 Cripple Creek  
2/7 Ray Bonneville 
2/8 Tom Russell - album release - "October in Railroad Earth" - #1 Americana album upon release in March!
2/21 Tempest - Celtic rock - Lief's annual birthday bash! 
2/29 Roy Rogers & the Delta Rhythm Kings 
3/7 Sugaray Rayford  Band 
3/14 Kevin Russell Salutes Clapton - Clapton tribute 
3/25 Paul Thorn Band - Southern rock, Alt-country, Roots, Blues
4/25 Tom Rigney & Flambeau - Electrifying Roots music fiddle

Byron  and Laura Damiani
Sutter Creek Theatre
44 Main St. Sutter Creek CA

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P.O. Box 1574
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phone contact: (916) 425-0077

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Thank you for your support.
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